An Essential Tool For E-Commerce 😎

We support online businesses to send automated notifications for their customers throughout their shopping journey, including placing an order, tracking the delivery, and more.

StepΒ 1

Abandoned Cart

Send a reminder for your customers when they have outstanding items in their shopping carts, to increase the conversion rate.

StepΒ 2

Order Confirmation

After order confirmation, you can send the receipt and membership balance for your customers to build trust of your brand.

StepΒ 3

Payment Reminder

When the customer fails to make a payment, you can directly send them the payment details and links to simplify the process.

StepΒ 4

Delivery Tracking

Customers often want to receive real-time tracking for their orders. You can reduce customers' anxiety by sending frequent tracking notifications.

StepΒ 5

Booking Confirmation

Businesses can send appointment confirmation to remind your customers about the time and venue of the event.

StepΒ 6

Retargeting Messages

Send the latest information and offers to your customers based on their previous purchases, and build a closer relationship with them.

Global Automation Tool

High Availability

Our system can support most e-commerce platforms and operating systems.

High Customisation

Personalised Messages

You can customise your notifications to build a closer relationship with your customers.

Unlimited Messages

Unlimited Messages

You can set unlimited number of automations to cover every step across the shopping flow.