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WhatsApp Multi-access

All departments log in simultaneously and use a WhatsApp account; Breaking through time and geographical restrictions, each user has one mobile computer to log in with multiple devices. ​

Log in to WhatsApp with all devices​

An unlimited number of people share a WhatsApp business number, Break the pain of logging in with only two devices. ​

Colleagues see each other’s work situation

You can see others in different pages or chat rooms in the system; Avoid repeated responses to customers and improve work efficiency. ​

Department heads have absolute authority​

The supervisor opens or deletes the account by himself for his subordinates to log in, Subordinates of different departments can be used to promote communication between departments. ​

Private chat room, only for colleagues

Colleagues can chat privately with each other on the system, which is convenient, fast and direct communication. ​

Classify customers, colleagues follow up their customers​

You can classify and label different customers in our system, making it easier for colleagues to follow up with their customers. ​

Reply to WhatsApp sync immediately ​

The information sent in the system will be synchronized in WhatsApp immediately, and all will be organized immediately. ​


大家看見其他同事在與哪個客戶溝通, 不怕兩人重複回覆客人,影響客人觀感。​

WhatsApp Multi-
Real-time chat

Everyone sees which client other colleagues are communicating with, Don’t be afraid that the two will reply to the guests repeatedly and affect the perception of the guests. ​

Memo function is convenient for handover

收工前留下一個小標註,附帶信息交代情況。 ​

Leave a small note before closing, with information explaining the situation. ​

一. 下個同事一目了然,方便跟進。

二. 讓每一位顧客擁有持續的良好服務。

The next colleague is clear at a glance, which is convenient for follow-up.
Let every customer have continuous good service.
Leave Memo

Unread function to track unread


There are too many customers in WhatsApp for a while, so ignore a small amount of people? ​

一. 讓沈底但未回覆的客人瞬間回到最前。

二. 不怕忽略任何一位客人,影響公司形象。

Let the guests who sink to the bottom but did not reply instantly come back to the forefront.
Don’t be afraid to ignore any customer and affect the company’s image.

Support multimedia files​


Pictures, videos, files, and recordings can be sent in the dialogue function. ​

一. 不再侷限於文字,多元化與客戶推廣聯絡。

二. 更可加入快速回覆信息當中,省時省力。

No longer limited to text, diversify and communicate with customers.
You can also add quick reply messages to save time and effort.

Set up quick reply to repeated messages


一. 問題重重複複,回應浪費時間?

二. 無數量限制快速訊息,直接選取方便快捷。

Which question do you want to set a quick response for? There is no limit to think what you think. ​

Questions are repeated, and responding is a waste of time?
Unlimited number of quick messages, direct selection is convenient and quick.

Three simple steps to complete the multi-person customer service setting​

1. Login to ChatDaddy

2. Organize customer information in an Excel CSV. file​

Upload the target audience's contact information to the system in Excel .csv format. ​

3. It is ready after successful connection, multiple customer service can use it at the same time

After successfully connecting, the chat room in WhatsApp will appear immediately. Customer personal and group conversations are all available. ​

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