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Educational institutions

Is the student/parent database huge and difficult to handle?

ChatDaddy lets you effectively classify students and parents at all levels, helping you to send the latest school news and information based on the situation of students at all levels and in different classes.

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Three benefits, educational institutions once do enough customer service and marketing.

Benefit one facilitates communication and handover between colleagues

Keep track of different conversations to manage conversations with parents

When multiple colleagues share WhatsApp to communicate with their parents, you can see which chat room the other colleagues are in, not afraid to reply repeatedly. Colleagues can also leave "notes" in chat rooms for other colleagues to understand and follow up.

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Benefit II re-marketing strategy

For students and parents to add "label" classification, the system management is clear

Colleagues can "tag" students and their parents according to their grade or special needs, so as to facilitate later identification and send relevant school promotional information to students and parents with the same label.

Label classification teaching

usedBenefit 3 Improving the quality of service

Create chat robots to automate the process of replying to parent inquiries

Parents have the opportunity to ask questions during off-hours, when chatbots must come in handy, such as automatically replying to departure messages such as "Thank you for your reply, we will respond during office hours" to help build a close relationship with parents.

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