Spread the latest news on WhatsApp with just a click 😎

Businesses can personalise and send more than 2000 promotional messages with a single click. This helps strengthen the relationship between business and their customers.

Automated Marketing

Auto Promotion

Schedule your promotional messages, send the latest news and offers to enhance your customers' desire to purchase.

High Customisation

Personalised Messages

Send promotional messages based on your customers' preferences and purchase behaviors. Build a closer relationship with your customers by improving your marketing strategies.

Real Time Analysis

Real Time Analysis

We provide real-time data analysis for you to formulate your marketing strategies.

Global Marketing Tool

High Open Rate

Research shows that 98% of users will open and view WhatsApp messages they receive.

High Coverage

Wide Audience

Everyone can receive your promotional messages with a WhatsApp number.

Boost Your Performance

Unlimited Automation

You can set unlimited number of group messages to boost your sales promotion.