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Marketing investment advertising but low business rates?

ChatDaddy Mass Messaging Feature What
p is the fastest of all marketing methods, 10 minutes to get your marketing plan over a thousand people.

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Use WhatsApp for marketing, three steps back.

Step 1: Design your marketing strategy

Design your marketing plan and prepare whatsApp as your delivery channel

As the world's leading mobile communications software and has a very high open letter rate, WhatsApp is a marketing must consider the tool. Design multiple marketing plans for prospects first, with the goal of collect
lead calls.

For example: WhatsApp picks up the offer

Step 2: Collect phone numbers

When a lead WhatsApp is received, its categories are labeled for identification

Send a message to your mobile phone number, such as making a query, or collecting a offer volume, at the initiative of the lead. After that, you can categorize them according to their information, which is very useful for your subsequent re-marketing.

Learn to classify customers

Step 3: Identify classified customers

Develop and execute a re-marketing strategy based on lead characteristics

Later, when there are other promotions, you can select relevant groups based on the characteristics of potential customers and send group messages. Targeting their preferences can greatly improve success rates and allow them to truly turn into your customers.

Learn the steps for mass messages

Multiple features are free to use in the process

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