In view of the increasing market competition, the old one-way transmission of marketing model has long been outdated. WhatsApp digital marketing, which interacts with customers, is more popular in the market and is becoming a global trend.

Why develop WhatsApp Marketing Strategies?

WhatsApp Marketing, which interacts with customers, is getting more popular in the market and has gradually become a global trend. Developing Hong Kong WhatsApp business marketing strategies for own company and promote WhatApp for the brand now.

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WhatsApp Users

The world's most used communications software in 2021, Easier access to potential customers.

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Open Rate

The reading rate is much higher than that of traditional e-mail," and marketing strategies are more effective.

Highest Using Rate

WhatsApp lets you market around the world, reliably and effectively.


Users can broadcast through WhatsApp, send more than 2000 WhatsApp messages to customers with a single button, and regularly promote company products to strengthen the interaction between merchants and customers.


With the team inbox and keyword auto-reply function, many customers' inquiries and letters can be automatically answered by the system. The workload and pressure of customer service are reduced, and efficiency is directly improved.​


The billing system will automatically send the electronic bill on WhatsApp immediately after the customer places the order, and can cooperate with the ChatDaddy system to broadcast marketing after obtaining the customer's contact information.

You can push messages to anyone via ChatDaddy, but we never recommend using WhatsApp for cold marketing. If a listener blocks your WhatsApp, your phone number has a good chance of being banned from using WhatsApp. Before pushing a message, you must consider your own risks and assume responsibility.

You can push unlimited messages via ChatDaddy, but subject to WhatsApp’s terms of service, sending too many messages in a short period of time, regardless of any software you use, is blocked. Our mass-sent messages feature does our best to protect your phone number and send you a broadcast at the fastest available speed.

Sending cold messages is easier to block because it increases your chances of being reported by a stranger. Therefore, we recommend that you use WhatsApp to send warm-up messages to an average of about 800 people per day.

Whether or not there are small and medium-sized enterprises or start-ups that have opened online stores, they can use them. Our system allows you to automatically send promotional messages to your guests.

About 10-15 minutes, depending on the length of the information and the size of the multimedia archive.

Yes, after the first connection, we will automatically sync your customer information and conversations to our system.

We charge an annual fee for unlimited appointments throughout the year to send information. For more information, please contact our staff at the 24-hour hotline.

You can only cancel your use of our services during the two-month trial period, and there will be no charge.

Our systems are capable of integrating with other software, including customer management systems (CRMs), point-of-sale systems (POS), storefront platforms, reservation systems, payment systems, etc.