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Do guests request confirmation notifications sent to WhatsApp?

ChatDaddy's full range of features lets you
utomatically order on WhatsApp and multiple colleagues sync using one WhatsApp plus automated marketing to increase your re-marketing success rate

WhatsApp 24-hour hotline

WhatsApp automation software meets the three major needs of the storefron
t: automatic ordering, marketing, and customer service

Benefit one: WhatsApp automatically issues orders

The storefront uses WhatsApp to automatically send order notifications or reminders to guests

You can order your own billing format and automatically send messages via WhatsApp numbers, including: confirmation that the customer's shopping basket has not been paid/paid for;

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Benefit two: favorable re-marketing strategy

The online store categorizes customers on WhatsApp and helps develop a strategy for re-marketing

By contacting using WhatsApp, you can "tag" your guest's product preferences, customer ratings, etc.
This makes it easier for you to identify the guest and makes it easier for you to send promotional messages that are right for him later, improving the success rate of your marketing.

Label classification teaching

Busedenefit three: improve the quality of service

Chatbot customer service automation for whatsApp, an online store

Guests have the opportunity to ask questions during non-business hours, when chatbots must come in use. Customer service can be automated by setting responses to basic questions such as business hours, addresses, the latest products, etc.

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