How district councillors use ChatDaddy How district councillors use chatdaddy
How district councillors use ChatDaddy How district councillors use chatdaddy

District Councillors

Can only one customer service log on to WhatsApp?

ChatDaddy lets you manage WhatsApp for multiple people, making it easy for customer service colleagues to communicate, increase the success rate of re-marketing, and instantly improve customer service quality.

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Send the latest community news now , non-office hours

Benefit one: The latest news is sent at the click of a button

Send the latest community news immediately to protect your community residents

When multiple colleagues share WhatsApp to communicate with customers, you can see which customer the other colleagues are communicating with and are not afraid to reply repeatedly.
Colleagues can leave "notes" in the client chat room for other colleagues to understand and follow up.

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Benefiusedt 2: Reply to queries quickly and automatically

Is there a query on non-office hours? Auto-reply lets you stop OT

Residents have the opportunity to ask questions during customer service non-business hours, when chatbots come in use. Customer service can be automated by setting responses to basic questions such as business hours, addresses, the latest products, etc.

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Benefit three: classification of households is convenient

There are ways to manage information by classifying different households

District Councillors are usually responsible for community matters in a number of buildings and often require an easy-to-use management system in the face of a large amount of customer information. At ChatDaddy, you can tag them directly to prepare for future messages.

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Multiple features are free to use in the process

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