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Customer Service Specialist

Can't multi-device synchronous use of WhatsApp? A messy handover for a colleague?

ChatDaddy multiplayer customer service

Allow your customer service colleagues to simultaneously use the same WhatsApp plus private work chat room for direct work handover

WhatsApp 24-hour hotline

Make customer service programs immediately more orderly and automated.

Benefit one: Synchronously log in using WhatsApp

Colleagues can simultaneously use a WhatsApp to provide customer service.

With just one account, you can get all your customer service colleagues to log on to WhatsApp on different devices, including phones, computers, tablets, and more. There will be no pop-ups or whatsApps that are not allowed to be used synchronously.

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Benefit 2: Memo features are easy to hand over

Memo makes it easy for colleagues to get to and from work and follow up.

By using the Memo feature, colleagues can clearly understand the situation of the last colleague dealing with the relevant guests, directly understand the situation, easy to follow up. This allows customers to obtain the most quality and personalized service, directly improve the satisfaction of the company.

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Benefit three: Establish a chat conversation robot

ChatBot robots directly answer basic queries, saving customer service.

By using keyword auto-reply, you can create WhatsApp Chatbot customer service robots that automatically reply to most basic customer inquiries, such as business hours, addresses, the latest news, and more. Directly save customer service you use staff to reply to repeated questions, so that human resources more effective management and use.

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