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Can only one customer service log on to WhatsApp?

ChatDaddy Multiplayer Customer Service lets you manage WhatsA

pp for multiple people, facilitates customer service colleagues to communicate and hand over, increases the success rate of re-marketing, and instantly improves customer service quality.

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Three benefits, the chain shop once to do enough customer service and marketing.

Benefit one facilitates communication and handover between colleagues

Keep track of different conversations and coordinate with colleagues to manage customer conversations

When multiple colleagues share WhatsApp to communicate with customers, you can see which customer the other colleagues are communicating with and are not afraid to reply repeatedly.
Colleagues can leave "notes" in the client chat room for other colleagues to understand and follow up.

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Benefit II re-marketing strategy

Colleagues can add a "tag" classification to the guests to facilitate their marketing strategy

Whenever there is a new guest inquiry, the customer colleagues can according to the guest's location, product preferences, etc. for him to add a "label." It is easy to identify the guest later, and it is convenient to send the promotional message suitable for him in the future, so as to improve the success rate of marketing.

Label classification teaching
Benefit 3 Improving the quality of service

Create chat robots to automate the re-marketing process

Guests have the opportunity to ask questions during non-business hours, when chatbots must come in use. Customer service can be automated by setting responses to basic questions such as business hours, addresses, the latest products, etc.

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