A click to send messages to thousands of people

Use ChatDaddy now, a click to send thousands of messages to your customers through WhatsApp.

Broadcast message functions

1. Scheduled a time for your broadcast

You can set timing for your messages, to avoid having no time to manage your broadcast.


2. Design personalised messages

Send the suitable messages for your customers according to their characteristics.


3. Support multimedia

You can send pictures, videos, documents, recordings in ChatDaddy as WhatsApp.


4. Instant data analytics

We offer data analysis results every time after you have broadcasted messages for your future improvements.
This helps the later improvement for the next broadcast.


Five steps to broadcast messages

1. Login to ChatDaddy 3.0

Enter http://app.chatdaddy.tech and login with your account name and password. Scan the QR code to connect with your WhatsApp number.

2. Manage the clients' contact in an excel csv.

Upload the document in excel. csv format.

2. Choose your targeted group of clients

Click "automation", "broadcast messages", add a new broadcast message", and choose your targeted clients.

Type your messages and send it

You can send it now or schedule it with your preferred time.


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