WhatsApp Automation Tools

WhatsApp Marketing Master for your Business.

In ChatDaddy, you can:
1. Allow multi-users access to same WhatsApp;
2. Send broadcast marketing;
3. Send auto-reply rules for daily enquiries, and
4. Send auto-notification to e-commerce buyers.

四大功能為中小企、網店、初創企業用 WhatsApp 做好生意。


Design customised message format to raise customers' loyalty

Broadcast Message


Team Inbox

Colleagues can use the same WhatsApp number at once


Set up your chatbot for to auto-reply the messages

Served thousands of SMEs & E-commerce

ChatDaddy helps both SMEs and online shops to increase their customers' shopping experiences, fosters the number of repeated consumption and revenue.

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領取 WhatsApp 營銷客服自動化 免費試用