WhatsApp Automated Marketing
& Customer Service System 😎

ChatDaddy connects your WhatsApp number with your operation system, allowing your team to share a WhatsApp number. With automated notifications, team inbox, message broadcasting, and keyword reply, we support your business to automate your workflow.

Four Steps in WhatsApp Marketing 🎉

Step 1

Automated WhatsApp Notification 📩

We support online businesses to send automated notifications for their customers throughout their shopping journey, including placing an order, tracking the delivery, and more.

Step 2

Team Inbox 🖥

Teams can log in to the same WhatsApp account via multiple devices simultaneously for customer support. This simplifies the handover and follow up processes by higher transparency and saving time.

Step 3

Message Broadcasting 📢

Businesses can personalise and send more than 2000 promotional messages with a single click. This helps strengthen the relationship between business and their customers.

Step 4

Keyword Auto-Reply 🤖

Set up a chat rebot as your 24/7 customer service with automated reply based on keywords. We help you to better understand your customers based on their characteristics, which is beneficial for your marketing strategies and conversion.